Clairvoyant, psychic, visionary, and future events – By Marc William White

By Marc William White USN-RET

04-17-22 Williamson County TN 9:44 PM CST USA

12-31-2022 – Fence Divided By Circle Of Murder & Assault Energy – At someone’s house was a fence, it was a boundary line between two properties, this was a place I had visited quite a few times before and around 2019, during the day everything was OK, but at night I kept experiencing the strange feeling. One night a horrible dark feeling came over me while standing there looking at that fence. As I stood there this information came in, I could feel an energy in a really large circle, the fence went directly through this circle. On one side I could sense someone was going to be murdered, and on the other side someone would be assaulted possibly sexually, not inside the actual circle, but the people who spent the most time there. Within about 5 years or so, I was told that what had transpired was exactly as I had felt, on the left side of the fence the person who spent the most time there was murdered out west, and the person who spent time on the right side of the fence was in fact assaulted. This was proven with a story in the media, and a story someone told me. I had actually warned people about this before it transpired.

04-20-22 – Internet Search Repeats Conversation – on 04-18-22, tax day in America, my wife and I were sitting across from each other at a table in the living room, I was explaining more to her more about my clairvoyance and the car accident she had, she told me, “animals talk to me” and I said WOW, I know, tell me more about it. A few minutes ago at approx. 10:10 AM CST on 04-20-22, I googled “Clairvoyant Counseling”, the third entry down says, “Rev. Ginny Brown: Clairvoyant Counseling & Animal Communication” & “Ginny spills the tea”, and, my wife’s name is Jenny, her hair and eyes are brown, her dog is brown, and our mule is brown, she also loves sweet tea and mentions it a lot. My wife and I have officially separated and will be divorcing soon, in large part, in my opinion, because she refuses to accept my clairvoyance, my ability to know some things about the future, and my ability to know when she and others are lying and being dishonest and or withholding information. Also, on Easter Day, Jenny served me tea, which I normally never drink, but did anyway.

04-17-2022 – Man With Big Dog At Park – this guy seemed weird to me, but we wanted to pet his dog, we went up to him not him to us, extremely highly money and material centered, he asked us, “so do you live in the neighborhood”, then “where do you live in the neighborhood” and then “where do you work”, then said his dog was “semi famous” and said a famous guy had visited the neighborhood. When I said we have a farm, trying to deflect him, he said “where??”. He also said the house on a corner near him just sold for $900,000.00. SO!!! Do you tithe 10% of every dollar each month buddy?? He creeped me right out, money, money, money, control and power and probably abuse, I felt he was abusive towards us, so rude and nosy and trying to size us up, and I was slimed for a couple of hours afterwards. Some people are “dark”, others are “light”, be of the light, and Jesus Christ is that light, never doubt it.

04-15-2022 – Dark Family At Waffle House

03-31-2022 – Wife Hit By Semi Truck – My wife Jennifer had never ever been in a car accident, and never had a speeding ticket or any ticket. We had been arguing a lot and when I got upset I kept seeing her getting hit by a large truck. I warned her repeatedly on two or three nights prior to the event, “you will get hit by a semi truck”, “you better listen a truck will come out of nowhere and hit you”, “listen to me this will seem like an accident but it won’t be, your going to be hit by a truck if you don’t listen”. She disregarded what I said multiple times. Then on 03-31-22 she was sitting still in traffic in Nashville, at a red light, surrounded by other cars and unable to move, all of a sudden a semi truck came out of nowhere, rear ended her, and totaled out her mint condition car, she also severely hurt her neck, arm, and shoulder. She says she can’t even recall my warning her and telling her. I was actually going to put a note on her dashboard warning her to be careful.

03-2022 – Friend Has Open Heart Surgery – One of my best friends TR, I had told him back about 3 to 4 years ago, “you are going to get very sick, it might kill you, it will come out of no where, it will be very sudden, so lose weight and listen to me, start running”, I told him this repeatedly actually. For 3 to 4 years I kept checking in with him, telling him to lose weight and run. In December 2021 he came down with COVID-19, but recovered from it, although not entirely. In February he started getting sick, over the course of a few weeks it got much worse, it was his lungs, full of blood clots. At Vanderbilt University Medical Center, he underwent life saving surgery, pulmonary thromboendarterectomy, they put him to sleep, opened up his chest, went through his heart valves, drained all his blood, froze him down to 18 degrees F, vacuumed out the clots from his lungs, and brought him back to life. He actually showed me images of what was removed from his lungs, it was unbelievable what they did to save his life, they only do this procedure about 40 times per year.

2021 – Wife Logged Into Dating App – one day my wife came home from work, we started talking, I told her, “you have been doing something behind my back” and she said “no I have not”, and I said “yes you have”, then I said, “you have been online on Match.Com or something with other men”, and she denied it but then a few seconds later she said, “I did show someone how to use Match.Com the other day”, I said “yea I know, how did you do that?” and she said “I logged into Match.Com” and I said “your account right” and she said “yes my account”. So, I was right, and I knew she had done that. For years my now X wife thought I had her phone bugged with an app, that I was spying on her and or cyber stalking her, neither of which were true.

2021 – Girlfriend Hurt By Someone – I told my girlfriend at the time, someone was going to hurt her. Due to the circumstances I am not able to currently disclose exactly what happened.

2020 – The Sign At The Chapel of Hope

2020 – Friend Dies From Diabetes – BS

2020- Prayed For God To Slow The World Down – COVID19 Pandemic.

2019 – Sunflower Seeds Align Themselves – I was living at the time in the duplex next to my mother Joann. One morning I walked over to her living room, looked down in the floor, and something had taken about 8 or 9 sunflower seeds out of my birds eating dish, and aligned them in a perfectly straight line on the floor, all pointing in the same direction, right out in the middle of the floor. Mom and I both agreed the floor had been recently swept. There was not enough room between each seed for a mouse or anything to get through, and the line of seeds was about 10 inches long or so, all pointed in the same direction.

2019 – Deer Crosses On Country Road At Night

2019 – God Matches Up Two Verses – I was angry with God, so I told Him to give me a sign, or else I was going to take drastic action, He told me to open my Holy Bible randomly, so I did, and my finger pointed to a verse, it was the one on foot washing, I said, “OK, that is not enough, I need more proof you are real”. So, He said, “go to your laptop”, I went to my laptop, cruised to Daily Verses Dot Net, every time you visit they give you a totally random verse, and it was THE EXACT SAME VERSE. The odds of that actually happening are almost 1 in 1,000,000. God is very real, ignore Him, and bad things will happen to you.

10-2018 – UFO Sighting At Kentucky Dam

2018 – Dug Up Bone In Creek

2017 – Warn Jose & Firefighter Falls Through Roof

2017 – Head On Collision Avoided on McEwen Drive

2016 – Girlfriend Shared My Picture

2015 – Man Walks Out Between two Gas Pumps

2013 – Date Had Been In Car Accident

2013 – Desk Lamp Blows Up – I was sitting at my desk in the living room at Chambliss Court, very upset, so I bowed my head to pray. As I was praying I told God, “SHOW ME A SIGN NOW”, and I was very very upset, instantly the large lamp on an articulated arm right beside my head EXPLODED all over the desk. It is the ONLY time in my life, any light bulb has ever exploded anywhere while I was around that I can recall. Had my head not been bowed with my hands covering my eyes, it could have blown glass all in my eyes.

2012 – Glass Falls From Bar at Red Lobster

1986 – Aunt Jane Commits Suicide – On a phone call with my mother in 1986, while at Collegedale Tennessee SDA University store phone booth, I told her, her sister Jane would die if they didn’t get her off of the prescription drugs…”if you don’t get her help she is going to die”, in 1990 Jane Elizabeth White Dawson killed herself with a combination of beer and Xanax, at Kirby Road Schochoh Kentucky.

1982 – Friend Abducted Murdered & Dumped – I went to a friend’s house, David Morphew, in Hopkinsville Kentucky on Lafayette Road, another mutual friend was standing in the driveway, Doug Terpening, as I pulled up he said, “Marc get out of your truck I am going to punch you in the face”, I said, “no you are not”, and he said “yes I am” and I said “no you won’t”, so I got out and looked straight at him in his eyes. At that exact same moment, something told me, “he will be abducted, murdered, then dumped”. Approx. 4 years later I was on the phone with my dad while in the US Navy DC “A” School, he said, “did you hear what happened to Doug”, and I knew exactly what he would say. Douglas Terpening of Hopkinsville Kentucky, was abducted in the back of a van, apparently on the way to commit a crime, a fight ensued and he was murdered, then dumped, and laid on the side of the Kentucky Bluegrass Parkway for three months before his body was finally discovered by workers.

Billy Mathis – almost leg amputation.

The Bachelor & Three Graces.

Graham Newton’s Brother – bike accident.

John Glaefki – fall off of fence.

2012 – Bathroom Door Opens Its Self – Chambliss court

2010 – Eric / Sherry / Lee Robey

2010 – Man Bathed In Blue Light Appears In The Night – “part of you is dying”. Chambliss Court.

2001 – Closet Door Opens Its Self – Branton Place Drive

2000 – 911 / Dr. Elizabeth Razzano / Dreams

2000 – Man Hit By Car In Westwood Village

1997 – Reading My Wife’s Mind – “you have some sort of power”.

1987 – Gary, Larry, & Terry Moore – Family of 6 killed in car accident.

1980 – Colonial Man Appears In The Night – I used to sleep in my grandparents front living room on a pull out sofa bed. We always kept the door open that lead into the den where they slept, about 10 feet away. The very first night we decided to close that door, the only night, while I was sleeping, something woke me up, it was a man dressed in colonial clothing, standing at the end of the bed, I woke up and he was looking at me, then he vanished and faded away. Their house is over 200 years old and was built by slaves.

1979 – Two Brothers Butcher Their Mother

1975 – Adrian Mason Comes Unglued

1969 – Bradley’s Tiny Tots – I very clearly recall the first time I saw Benjamin Burgess Bradley, I knew he was going to seriously hurt me, but I was only 4 and didn’t know how or what to tell my parents who took me there.

1965 – Infant Memories – I can very clearly recall being an infant, I can still hear my mother’s voice and grandmother’s voice as they would talk while they were changing my diaper, they would also kiss my bottom and tell me how much they love me, it was before I could talk back. I remember not being able to walk, I was so small, my head would fit under my grandfathers chin when he would lay down and my feet would not extend below his belt, that’s how small I was. I can remember not being able to talk in words, wanting to talk but not being able to yet. I can very clearly recall what life was like prior to the day care center in 1969. I remember learning how to talk, I would call a dog a “fulf” because I couldn’t say “wolf” yet, and didn’t know “dog”.

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